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The development of the South African Saxophone Society.

The event that kickstarted the South African Saxophone Society was the 2014 UNISA National Saxophone Symposium. Initiated by a collaboration between Matthew Lombard and Karen Devroop, the National Saxophone Symposium has become an annual event that brings together local and international performers and educators with local students, teachers and professionals. The Symposia cultivate an enthusiasm for the saxophone as an instrument, development of amateurs and advanced students, and professional development of educators and professional freelancers. This major event is a highlight in the lives of saxophonists and saxophone enthusiasts around the country.

In 2017, Matthew Lombard founded the South African Saxophone Society. The Society's function is to oversee the running of the annual Symposia that have gained so much popularity in the music education community, but also to further enrich the musical culture in South Africa by promoting the development of saxophonists. In addition to the annual Symposia, the Society will support professional development of saxophone educators and performers, contribute to the international academic community, provide educational support to underserved rural communities in outreach projects, and ultimately aim to host national and international conferences and congresses.